Jesse Santana And D.O.

Jesse and D.O. go deep in the forest for a sizzling ragingstallion tryst. Jesse and D.O went to the same trip organized by their office. Until then they didn’t saw each other at the office, but this is why teambuilding is so important. These two are both in serious relationships and are against cheating, but as you can see that is going to change and pretty quickly actually. They played all kind of game while they were there and one of them was treasure hunting. They were pared two by two and given a map. Of course Jesse and D.O. were in the same time. After they walked for a while and started talking they abandoned the treasure hunt and found a good fucking place. Jesse gets backed against a big tree, stuck a powerful embrace. The back of his trousers are damaged and D.O. is massaging his tasty buttocks. OH, D.O. can not wait to shove his tongue in that musty crack. He licks it a bit, chews it, also spits on it and fucks it with his finger making it ready for his cock. The hardcore screwing kept for a while till D.O. can’t hold back any more and release his sticky load onto Jesse’s face and hair.

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