Tom Wolfe And Ayden Marx

Tom Wolfe and Ayden were paired before in another one of our raging stallion picture gallery. But you guys asked for them to do another shoot together again and well seems they were really looking forward to fucking again, Aiden said that he really loved the feeling he has when he plunges his cock deep inside Ayden’s ass so he would say yes even if it would kill him. Perhaps our fair Tom fell in love with Ayden’s ass. The more time they spend together the rougher it gets. This scene can’t be compared with their first scene at all. Then they didn’t knew each other so well and of course they couldn’t go this rough. but now after they know each other a bit better things are different. Tom was in charge, as always. This hunk just loves being in control and having a submissive partner that will do everything he wants. So he put Ayden on his back, grabbed his feet, spread them wide open and started stuffing his asshole with his big hard cock. Tom likes Ayden, he doesn’t have a cock as big as his but he sure knows what to do with it. So after he was finished it was Ayden’s turn to show his skills. enjoy!

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