Macho Men Bryce Star and Mathew Mason Booty Banging Bonanza

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Scene Title: Fucked Down

Description: Mathew Mason lies on his back with Bryce Star straddling him. Bryce has skewered himself onto Mathew’s massive hard-on, grinding himself down as he works his tight hole around Mathew’s pole. Both men moan and groan with pleasure, and they continue grunting their approval as Bryce lays back and Mathew takes control, standing between his legs jamming and jabbing his cock deep inside his ass. Mathew grabs a hold of Bryce’s cock and yanks on it as he continues punishing his partner’s crack. Bryce knows Mathew is hitting his spots, and he’s ready to burst, so he begins to jerk himself off. He finally shoots his wad while Mathew continues the assault on his ass. Unable to hold back any longer, the studly blond pulls out and cums all over his bud.