Military Men Adam and Vince Engage in Steamy Night Maneuvers

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Scene Title: Night Maneuvers

Description: Hairy muscle hunks Vince Ferelli and Adam Champ share the latestgirly magazine. This is Adam Champ’s first ever Raging Stallionscene–and one of the reasons he was named as one of our two menof the year! Adam massages Vince’s muscles to satisfy his desire totouch some skin. Vince does not mind the touch of another man.Their need for sex is too much to handle and they being caressingand admiring each others masculine hairy bodies. The heat continuesto rises between the two. The musty smell of a man never tasted sosweet. Adam bends Vince over and rims his wide muscular ass,licking it wildly to get it ready for his big fat cock. Adam wastes notime and rams his shaft into Vince’s wet hole. Vince enjoys beingpounded hard and deep so Adam flips Vince onto his back and fuckshim some more as he jerks Vince’s cock. Adam pounds Vince’s holewhile jerking Vince’s cock until he explodes all over his hairy stomach.Adam pulls out and adds to the pool of cum.