Race Cooper and Jason Adonis in “Dominus” on Raging Stallion

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Scene Title: Dominus

Description: Jason Adonis is naked except for his harness and size 13 blackboots. He flexes his muscles and jerks his big cock while musclebound,Race Cooper watches from a distance. Race strokes his bigmeat and plays with his hole through his black leather chaps watchingJason attend to himself until the sexual tension brings them togetherwith Race diving in for a taste Jason’s massive pole. Race is on hisknees in front of the muscle god worshiping his massive meat,spitting, licking and cramming the big rod down his throat. Jasonleans back on the rough, wood table and spread his legs wide toexpose his hairy hole to hungry Race who greedily licks and tonguesthis hot muscle ass. Next, Race is kneeling on the table so Jason cansuck his rigid dick until Jason’s excitement takes over triggering himto roughly flip Race over and rim his hole, readying him for action.Race moans and yells in ecstasy as Jason slides his cock in, instantlyramming and thrusting with full strength. This is a rough throw-down fucksession between two horny men transitioning from doggie to reversecowboy to Race ending up on his back as both studs blow giant, hotloads on Race’s muscled abs.