Auto fellatio frenzy with Huessein and Sarib on Raging Stallion

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Scene Title: Arabesque

Description: Amid the exotic desert splendor a powerful scene of sexualconnection bursts into action – this one showcasing Joey Russo andnew discovery Sarib. Sarib is also a genuine hairy Middle Easternstud, who fucks like something in heat! Russo, hot as ever, shines asa bottom and takes cock like he is starving for it! And what a greatcum shot.Suddenly the scene changes and Sarib is on the bottom in aperformance that will go down in the history of gay erotica! Huesseinis back and takes Sarib’s ass by storm. When filming this scene thecamera crew could hardly keep up with the fucking actors and as thefrenzy really got going, all we could do was stand back and keep thecamera rolling. This is Sarib’s first-ever porn scene, but he comesacross as one of the most dynamic pros in the business. And whenhe sucks his own dick while getting fucked in the ass at the sametime, you are gonna go crazy! In what may very well be one of thehottest pairings of all time, these two hairy Saharan studs offer upgreat cum shots as they finish each other off!

Actors: Huessein , Joey Russo , Sarib