Hairy Jockstrap Jimmy Fanz gets Fucked Down on Raging Stallion

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Scene Title: Fucked Down

Description: Jimmy Fanz likes it nice and easy as he sits back, looking cool and relaxed with cock in hand. He begins stroking his big boner in a slow sensuous rhythm then gradually speeds up to ensure the fleshy pole is at its thickest and firmest aroused state. Then he reaches between his legs to play with his ass; he pokes the twitching hole with his fingers and cups his balls, making all the right moves to keep the sensation electrified. Then to heighten his excitement, Jimmy jams a big black dildo up his ass. He slides the rubber club in and out with the same speed that he strokes his cock, working his two erogenous zones simultaneously until he pumps out thick ropes of cum all over his hands.

Actors: Jimmy Fanz