Hairy Studs Parker Williams and Taurus Ride Leather Boots

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Scene Title: Studs

Description: Parker Williams, an all-American blond sexpot, and Taurus, a Frenchspitfire, hook up in a stairwell. Taurus zeroes in on Parker’s cock rightaway, swallowing it completely for a frantic deep-throat that lasts agood while. Parker returns the favor, showing the Frenchman somemade-in-the-U.S.A. cocksucking. Parker twists Taurus around tomunch on his asshole for a bit before fucking him up the downstaircase in every position they can manage. Taurus gets the cumfucked out of him, and Parker squirts a big load on Taurus’ lower-backtattoo. Grayson Hurst is all macho and no bullshit, and he gets rightdown to business, hauling his pretty pecker out of his jeans andjerking. He’s as tall and muscular as they come, and looks as if hecould be the next Marlboro Man. He continues stroking, eventuallycumming, dousing the floor with his sticky stuff. – Butch Harris,